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Title & Escrow News and Information

By now, we're all familiar with the Closing Disclosure delivery period and review period guidelines set forth by the CFPB. The delivery and waiting period guidelines have made it more challenging to plan and schedule signings because the delivery method, non-working days, and federal holidays all have to be factored in when determining the earliest possible consummation date or required delivery date for a specific consummation date. And of course, there's the 3-day rescission period that applies to refinance transactions.

To eliminate the guesswork and speed up the calculation process for our clients and partners, we are happy to announce the availability of the Ticor Title TRID Calendar. The TRID Calendar is an interactive tool that illustrates all the important dates in three simple steps.

Where to Find the TRID Calendar

Access the TRID Calendar at on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

How the TRID Calendar Works

Determining the delivery period, review period, consummation date, and rescission period can be achieved in three simple steps:

  1. Specify loan purpose (purchase or refinance)
  2. Specify delivery method (personal delivery, mail delivery, electronic delivery)
  3. Click a date on the calendar to specify signing/consummation date

The TRID Calendar will instantly illustrate the delivery period, review period, signing/consummation date, and rescission period (for refinances) to the calendar.

Save a PDF for Your Records

As a convenience, the TRID Calendar provides the option to create and save the calendar as a PDF. To create a PDF of your illustrated calendar, click the "CREATE PDF FILE" button at the bottom of the TRID Calendar page . The PDF file displays the delivery period, review period, consummation date, rescission period, as well as holidays that occur during any of the periods. Also included in the PDF is an explanation of Consummation.

Ok so you know title insurance is important for verifying the title of your property, right? So trusting in the right company is also important. But how to you pick the best provider?

Experience, Reputation, and Reliability

Well, as you work with your real estate agent or lender, here are three things to consider when looking for a title insurance company: experience, reputation, and reliability.

Every state is different so the company you choose should have solid partnerships with local businesses, representatives with significant experience in your community, and expert knowledge of your local laws.

You also want a title company with a good reputation for solving complex problems, mediating difficult circumstances, and dealing with any situation that comes up. Because you never know what might come up! And finally you want a representative who's backed by decades of reliability with the financial stability to be around for many years to come.

So as you work with your real estate agent or lender ask about the title company and choose one that's experienced, reputable, and reliable!

About Title Insurance

Title policies insure owners and lenders against possible losses from claims against real property ownership. The preliminary report or commitment provides advance information on matters which will be excepted from coverage. Lenders and owners are thereby given an opportunity to correct title flaws before purchasing or lending.

Title insurance originated in the 1870's to...

Welcome Brian Kobs

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Spokane Operation with the addition of Brian Kobs - Sales Executive.

With over 10 years in sales, Brian is known best for his hard work and commitment. Clients compliment Brian for mending the communication breakdowns that inevitably happen in our business. “Sometimes this is verbal communication, sometimes it is an inability to communicate feelings and emotions. Either way, though questions and empathy most of these obstacles can be overcome somewhat painlessly.”

What is Brian passionate about professionally? “I am most passionate professionally about contributing to achieve common goals with my team /work family. Celebrating personal success is typically a lonely activity. There is little that is as emotionally fulfilling as the feeling you get when you celebrate a victory as a team.”

What about personally? “I’ve shared the last 23 years of my life with the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Whatever I do is always better when my wife is involved. Any lengthy conversation with me will inevitably include some reference to Sara-Jayne.” Camping, boating, or fishing are fun ways that Brian likes to spend his weekends.

Please help us welcome Brian Kobs to the Ticor Title Spokane Sales Team!


Phone: 509-344-9992
Fax: 855-885-2346
Remember to specify Ticor Title on your next transaction and be sure to order your Property Profile at!

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1330 N Washington St, Suite 3525
Spokane, WA 99201
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Spokane Valley
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You're invited to join us for food, refreshments, and good times as we celebrate the recent opening of our Lynnwood escrow office!
Thursday, May 12

At Ticor Title Lynnwood, we believe that every successful real estate transaction begins with a great team. We are proud of our dedicated family of professionals who are committed to the highest levels of service to our clients, the Lynnwood community, and each other.

So please join us as we celebrate our growing team and new Lynnwood location!


May 12
4PM - 7PM


Ticor Title - Lynnwood
19020 33rd Ave W
Suite 550
Lynnwood, WA   98036
Map & Directions - Ticor Title Lynnwood


Scott Huggins

Welcome Brady Kriegh

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Spokane Operation with the addition of Brady Kriegh - Sales Executive.

Brady Kriegh has been in the title and escrow industry for over nine years. Loyal clients compliment Brady for doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Even if that means meeting someone on a snowmobile because the roads are closed with snow, in order to get papers signed. Brady enjoys being the ‘go-to’ guy, which is obviously a big part of his success.

In his downtime, Brady enjoys spending time with his family, usually somewhere outdoors. Skiing and RV’ing are two of his favorite pastimes.

Please help us welcome Brady Kriegh to the Ticor Title Spokane Sales Team.


Phone: 509-385-4384 Fax: 855-885-2346