Ticor Title Westlake Seattle Relocation – Oct. 29, 2018

We are excited to announce that on October 29th our Westlake Escrow & Title office will be relocated to Lake Union’s premier office building, The Lake Union Building.

1505 Westlake Avenue N

1700 Westlake Avenue N

The new location reflects our commitment to providing the finest closing experience for our clients and partners in the Seattle community.

Accessibility, Views & Ameneties

The recently renovated Lake Union Building is poised directly on the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop bike and walking trail and is accessible by land and sea with multiple public transportation routes nearby. In addition to improved accessibility, we’re happy to provide ample on-site parking and unencumbered views of the marina, lake, and city. The building is LEED Gold Certified providing a healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green commercial space.

Ticor Title – Westlake

New Location– October 29, 2018
1700 Westlake Ave N, #105
Seattle, WA 98109

How to Read a Title Commitment

How to Read a Title Commitment

What is a Title Commitment?

A Title Commitment (also known as a Preliminary Report in some areas) is a dated formal report that sets out in detail the conditions under which a policy of title insurance would be issued on a particular parcel of land. Its sole purpose is to facilitate the issuance of the policy.

Within a short time after a title order has been opened, the matters of record relative to the issuance of the title insurance policy on the subject property have been assembled in the title search and examined by skilled technicians. This is the time when the Title Commitment is prepared and sent to the customer.

The report reflects the matters which would be shown as exceptions in a policy of the title insurance so that the parties to the transaction will be aware of any of those matters of record that may need to be cleared prior to the closing of the transaction. This report is issued before the title policy—hence the name Title Commitment.

Download & Print

Download a printable PDF:
How to Read a Title Commitment

Those matters shown in the report are as follows:

  1. The estate or interest covered.
  2. The record owner of the estate or interest.
  3. A legal description of the parcel of land covered.
  4. Requirements and Notes
  5. The easements, liens, encumbrances and other matters which affect the title to the land at the date and time of the report.

Members of the Washington Land Title Association (WLTA) use the type of report explained on the eBook below. The investigation of title is normally limited to the public record, with no reference to off record matters. All references to specific property, dollar amounts, documents, and individual and corporate identification are fictional and for the purpose of educational sample only.

A Guide to Reading the Title Commitment

How To Read A Title Commitment

Ticor Title Welcomes Christina Hughes – Title Officer

We are very pleased to announce that Christina Hughes, Title Officer, has made the choice to join Ticor Title. With nearly two decades of experience in Title & Escrow and extensive experience with Commercial transactions, she brings a wealth of expertise and a loyal following of happy clients. Please join us in welcoming Christina to our team!

Christina Hughes

Title Officer

2825 Colby Ave Suite 300
Everett, WA 98201

About Christina Hughes

Christina has been in the Title industry since the year 2000. She began as a receptionist and steadily progressed through escrow assisting, title assisting, recording, and working in a title unit. She has been working almost exclusively on Commercial Transactions for the last 10 years, and has enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients.

As a clock hour certified instructor, she has been able to actively engage with the real estate community, educating clients and partners with insights about the “real day” in the life of a title officer. She is a gifted presenter and enjoys hosting “Title Insurance Q&A” sessions with customers. Underwriting challenges and incorporating requirements of lender and attorney requests keep her up to the task of improving the way she connects our customers to the insurance products they need.

Christina enjoys traveling with her husband and riding motorcycles in her spare time.